Thank goodness finally a vacation. how could it get any better than this? you arrive at you hotel and go to check in but wait there is a problem. Wait here the receptionist says as she walk into the back office. before you know it your being held at gunpoint by law enforcement. You’ve all been framed for a crime you didn’t commit, and you’re about to be sentenced to life in prison. You'r sure that outlaw Timmy Lockley and his gang are responsible but with only 60 minutes before you face the judge, you just don’t have enough time to prove your innocence. Can you escape this high security prison before the guard wakes up or will you be locked away forever?

Difficulty - 3 out of 5

Players - 2 minimum, 6 maximum

Game Time - 60 minutes

Additional Information - You will be handcuffed to each other

Health - Flashing lights are used in this game. These are not able to be switched off during the game therefore it is advised to contact us if any of your party are sensitive to flashing lights before booking. Smoke effects will be used as part of this game. We can turn off the smoke effects inside the game upon request, but cannot guarantee a smoke effect-free environment due to other games taking place.